What Have You Done Lately?


From left to right: Joy Chudacoff, James Roche and Ali Brown

This past weekend, Wendi and I flew out to Los Angeles to spend a few days with our Elevate sisters. Let me tell you, the Elevate Connection Day is one of the highlights of our year and a valuable part of our business.  This is our third year working with Ali Brown and her fabulous team (yes, even the coaches need coaches!) and each year keeps getting better and better.

We had the opportunity to reconnect with friends and associates from previous years, as well as meeting new Elevate members beginning their second year. If you’ve never considered joining a program like Elevate, you should. All too often as entrepreneurs we get stuck in our bubbles, working away behind our keyboards and forgetting about the very same outside world we need to keep our businesses going.

What amazed me the most about this group of women is how much we’ve all grown. The new members reminded me of where we came from. While we now face new challenges, we could relate to where the start-ups were and tell them, “This too shall pass.”

But more than that, the whole room was full of great accomplishments.

joyJoy Chudacoff addressed these accomplishments and challenged us with one question, “Have you given yourself a thumbs up lately?”

Seriously, have you? Have you taken the time to celebrate what you’ve done and how far you’ve come? Sadly, not many of us do. We’ve been programmed with the mindset of being only as good as our latest accomplishment. We achieve a magnificent milestone, then barrel on past it with barely a “Good job” and roll right on to the next thing.

Joy had us all stop and take a moment. We paired off at our tables and spent a few minutes writing down three of our biggest accomplishments from the past year. Funny thing is, most of us couldn’t stop at three once we got started.

Then we were asked to share them. Mind you, this isn’t bragging for the sake of “Look at me and how great I am!” This goes deeper. This is pushing the pause button and allowing our hard work to shine. It’s standing on stage and basking in well-deserved applause because what you did was BIG.

What? Lisa did a massive telesummit? Bravo! Oh, look at Wendi and Deb, they redesigned the Blue Sun Studio site and expanded their publishing assistance programs. Outstanding! And let’s not forget Crista’s total rebranding of her business to re-align with her heart’s true direction. Fantabulous!

True, you can’t get too comfortable resting on yesterday’s laurels, you’d never grow if you did. However, there’s nothing wrong with having a celebration each time you reach a milestone. Otherwise, what’s the point? To keep moving forward, plowing ahead to the next goal? Where’s the joy in that?

One of our biggest celebrations last year was we held our very first webinar series, Journey to the Center of Your Heart. We and the attendees had so much fun we decided to do it again—this time with all new material that goes deeper than the first time.

The new six-week session starts on February 18th. Click here to get on the list and receive a FREE audio of Wendi’s interview with Lisa Hines from the The Unstoppable Solopreneur’s Global Telesummit.

Today I challenge you to stop and look at what you’ve done. Name three things and share them right here in the comments or on our Facebook wall. Let us celebrate with you!


  1. says

    Hi Deb,

    Wonderful for you and Wendi. Congratulations on all you accomplish, and for your continual growth, offering your clients deeper service!

    I’m happy you asked.

    Let’s see…My line of wares has expanded, I have a deeper belief in myself and the work I’m here to do, and I have a beautiful line-up of events and talks coming up….

    Many blessings and love,

    • Deb Dorchak says

      Joy, you have grown SO much since we first met you. Kudos to you and The Joy Movement! We can’t wait to see what new wonderfulness you come up with this year.

  2. says

    Excellent post! The redesign of the Blue Sun Studio site came out amazing and I am so excited for Journey to the Center of Your Heart! You ladies are such an inspiration- I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of Elevate with both of you.

    XOXO, Crista

  3. says

    Reading your words was like laying in bed on a rainy morning all wrapped up in a cozy blanket. Oh wait. That’s exactly what I’m doing.

    Thanks for the shout out. And, I totally enjoyed seeing you both. I only wish it was two days of connection.

    By the way, I absolutely love the direction Blue Sun Studios has taken. The ezine is award winning!

    • Deb Dorchak says

      For a second there, the “Latin” typo had me wondering…hm…is Latin really that sexy? Gotta love auto-correct.

      You’re welcome for the shout-out.

      We’re pleased with the ezine direction too. I was commenting to Wendi yesterday how well it’s evolving. Hmmm…maybe we should start the ‘Zeenies and give out annual awards for the best ezines?

    • Deb Dorchak says

      It is, Patrice. And I’d like to add one more celebration: All of you coming here to comment. We love having you as part of the Blue Sun community!

  4. says

    Congratulations to you on all your and Wendi’s accomplishments! It is exciting and inspiring to see all that you are creating.

    And yes, Elevate is a great network. I am grateful to be part of that with such incredible people like you!

  5. says

    I love hearing about what goes on at the next levels of Elevate, thanks for the inside info. I’m just starting, but in the 6 months I’ve been in elevate, I’ve gotten a first website, huzzah! Started a free family-focused e-zine, and grown my Fb fanbase. I love watching you two grow, and the redesign of Blue Sun studios is inspirational! xx Angela

    • Deb Dorchak says

      Yay, Angela! Congratulations on the site and ezine, and may your FB numbers continue to grow by leaps and bounds. :)

      How did it feel getting the website and ezine out there? Were they scary steps for you or did you meet the challenge with great enthusiasm?

  6. says

    This is wonderful! So often we’re focused on the next goal that we forget to pause and celebrate what we’ve already accomplished! Thank you so much for this beautiful reminder. :)

  7. says

    This is a reminder most of need to hear again and again! I preach to my client to celebrate their successes and still need to do more of it myself. I’ve repositioned myself and my offerings to reflect and use all my gifts (yay!), took a big step stepping into a year-long high level mastermind and coaching program and I’m presenting a new free training call in a few weeks. Thanks for the opportunity to let this Elevate sister bask in the glory for a moment. And congrats to you two for all that you’ve done. Hope to see you at the next event. xoxo

  8. says

    Great reminder to stop and celebrate our journey while we feverishly pursue it at the same time. Celebration feed success I find, and the more I am willing to relish my wins, the more I feel propelled forward and buoyed on the not so perfect days along the way.

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