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Time sure flies and we are soaring into 2014. Lots and lots of news. The biggest news is our fourth and final book in the Bonds of Blood & Spirit Saga is FINISHED! We competed it at 11:59 pm on December 31st.

Why is the date so important? I dunno, it’s weird. This time around, the novel was so rich in symbolism that we ended up doing some numerology for the pub date. Sounds crazy, no? It may to some. The 4 vibration that the 31st gave us fit perfectly. Completion, inspiration, the promise of great things to come…

Yeah, it’s all in there. Now we need all you Packmates to spread the word and tell the world what a story this is! Seriously, we do. The best way is reviews. We need your reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We need your reviews on Goodreads. We’ll even take a review via email and put it on the fan site. You don’t have to be the Shakespeare of Reviews to write one. Be honest, speak from your heart. Tell us what you liked and what you didn’t like. We want to hear it all.

Our next bit of news is Wendi will be participating in Lisa Hines’ Unstoppable Solopreneur Global Telesummit. On January 17th at 9am Pacific, you can hear Wendi talk about the Journey to a Heart Centered Business. And if you enjoy that, you’ll love our Journey to the Center of Your Heart coming up on February 18th. Click on the link for your free audios from the first session we had last year.

And finally, our new Studio. For a while now, we’ve been wanting to streamline the Blue Sun Network. We had a hard time getting the look just right and it took some deep digging last August at our annual business retreat in Los Angeles before we broke through and gained some incredible clarity.

This site, Blue Sun Studio, Inc. now serves as The Studio for all of the Blue Sun Network. This is where we’ll post general updates and give you a weekly peek at what’s happening around the studios. We’ll also keep you informed about new services and promotions available to the public, and highlight posts and news on our other sites.

To get to any of the other network sites, scroll down to the bottom of any page here and click on one of the BIG colorful buttons.

What’s that? You knew about Life’s Little Inspirations, Creative Clarity Coaching, Bonds of Blood & Spirit and Behind the Words…but you don’t recognize that fifth one?

Surprise! We have a new addition to the Blue Sun Studio family!

Introducing Blue Sun Design Studio! This site is project driven, the main focus on our extensive portfolio and providing engaging content on art and design. We’ll be featuring our best client work right on the home page each time we complete one. Just think, YOUR new website or book could be featured there too! How much fun is that?

Go ahead, check it out. We’re done here for now. See you next week!


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    Holy crow! You two are unstoppable. Huge congratulations on the latest in the book series, and the new site and new studio. I’m excited for you, and excited for me to have you in my network, hoping we can work on a project together before the end of the year. All best,

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