casar-thumb“I had the opportunity to work with Blue Sun Studio – I Googled custom twitter backgrounds, and ended up coming across a blog that mentioned them as their favorite. So, naturally I had to contact them first.

I emailed Blue Sun Studio, and Deborah Dorchak, and Wendi Kelly were such a joy to work with – they adhere to the needs of a client with the absolute best attitude. Their service is beyond that which they charge and I’m very pleased with their patience, excellence, and customer service. To me, what was most important is the level of comfort – they’re human! You can have a conversation with them and get to know who they are, true quality in a company comes from quality of the individuals and their willingness to work as a team and with those they help – and that’s exactly who they are, quality.

I now have a beautiful custom twitter background, and I’ll be using them on a regular basis now that I see the level of professionalism, creativity, and ability to communicate with the client. Definitely found a long-term bond with an excellent company.

I highly suggest using Blue Sun Studio’s for your design and coaching needs.”

Casar Jacobson; Miss Canada 2012/2013

andy-thumb“Hallelujah brothers and sisters, I have seen the light…. been to the top of the mountain and …. (whoops, wrong testimonial).

“The biblical parable, “I once was was lost but now I’m found,” keeps running through my head as I reflect on my experience with Deb and Wendi at Blue Sun Studio. I had been working on a manuscript for a long time and once it was completed, the easy part was done. I knew that I had to search for a publisher but was unaware of the myriad of steps required to take it from manuscript to print. As one who had worked in a library I knew some of the steps – bar codes, cover designs, formatting, etc. Ouch, my head was hurting. Then my good friend Serendipity stepped in and I was introduced to Deb and Blue Sun Studio. As a recently published author several times over she and Blue Sun Studio were to take me from manuscript to publication. “But wait, there’s more!” Deb and Wendi were in constant contact with me through the entire process and offered many tips that would eventually have my book look more attractive, sell more copies, and were always there to immediately answer all my questions during the process. Thank you Deb, Wendi, and Blue Sun Studios for your help, direction, and friendship.”

—Dr. Andrew R. Nixon, author
50 Shades of Grades, My Journey Through Wacademia


annette-thumb“I highly recommend Deb and Wendi of Blue Sun Studio for your next project. Certain words that come to mind are: efficient, brilliant, supportive, encouraging, and dependable. They truly live up to their principle of excellent customer service. I look forward to our next project together.”

—Annette Cain
Ageless Dogma
Ageless With Annette


annette-thumb“Deb and Wendi have an uncanny knack for knowing exactly what I’m thinking. Their designs are clean and professional, and their suggestions are spot on. I love that they use Google docs throughout the project so we can keep in close contact and there are never any surprises. The turnaround on projects is quick and they never make me feel silly for being technically challenged. I will be working with Deb and Wendi for many years to come.”

—Deb Ng; Kommein.com


dannyj-thumb“I just want to say how happy I am with my web page that I recently had designed by Deb at Blue Sun Studio. I am probably NOT an easy person to work with, as I knew I “just needed a site” but I had no idea how I wanted it to look, so I wasn’t a whole lot of help. Deb somehow looked at my past designs and created something PERFECT. It was so much better than anything I could have pulled out of my head, she was responsive, and took care of  all the things I forgot about in the beginning. I know I will be choosing Blue Sun again for future work, knowing they could handle my lack of direction and still pull it off was a miracle!”

—Danny-J, The Sweaty Betties


crista-thumb“Working with Deb and Wendi to create a graphic for my new brand was a wonderful experience. They were very thorough and really took the time to understand what I was looking for. They created a completely original graphic that perfectly represents the sensuality of my jewelry brand.

They were flexible, attentive, and very easy to work with. I loved that they were just as invested in creating the best possible illustration as I was. Deb is an amazing artist and I look forward to using the beautiful illustration she created in my digital magazine and on my website.”

—Crista Grasso, www.gonearlynaked.com


kerry-thumb“Wow!  I absolutely LOVE my new website.  Thank you so much, Deb and Wendi, for taking my vision and making it real.  Wendi, you were able to effortlessly take my words and convey them into something directive for Deb.  Deborah was patient and committed to making the site exactly what I wanted.  She is a gifted graphic designer.  The combination of these two women is unmatched – a truly unique (and highly effective) duo.  I have already received RAVE reviews on the site and I know it will be instrumental in increasing my bottom line.  I am excited to have Blue Sun in my arsenal of team members.  It’s huge for me, as a business owner, to have people who are reliable, skilled and customer service oriented on board.  Thanks a million ladies!”

Kerry Swetmon; Life Business Growth


lisa-thumb“Wendi and Deb of Blue Sun Studios, Inc. took very good care of my project and my needs as a customer. Throughout the process they both took very good care to listen carefully to my needs, and ask questions as appropriate. They provided a professional environment that also showed deep caring and support. Throughout the process of working together I felt comfortable to express my feedback, resulting in a design that I’m thrilled with. We truly collaborated to create the spark of genius. There were technical portions of the project that Deb was able to fly through to create a finished product that looked exactly how I wanted it to look. As a result, I was able to focus on other parts of my business, entrusting the design and technical aspects to them. Communication was timely, simple and effective.”

—Lisa Hines; LisaHines.com


wendyw-thumb“Working with Deborah and Wendi on my new website banner was such a great experience. People are raving about the new banner because it is absolutely beautiful. More importantly, it truly reflects the work I do and the energy I wanted to create. I was really surprised when I got a design I was thrilled with on the first go round. (I used to work in advertising and this is rare.) I only needed to have a couple minor adjustments and it was the beautiful banner you see today. It was as if Wendi and Deborah were inside my head…only they were able to create something more beautiful than I could ever imagine. I highly recommend them. They are not only great artists and web designer/marketers but they are very intuitive as well which makes the whole process so much easier. My only regret is that I didn’t hire them to do the entire project. When my book comes out this summer, I will have them do the entire site for me.”

—Wendy Wolfe, Intuitive Educator & Animal Communicator. www.wendywolfe.com


stone2-thumb“Working with Deb and Wendi at Blue Sun Studio Inc., was wonderful! We discussed our new website, and a week later we were looking at it. They were fast, organized and always there. If I had a question Deb would respond almost immediately every time. They did everything I asked for and are easy to work with. Hiring a web designer can be a hard thing to do with so many of them, and not knowing them on a personal biases, and finding someone you can trust. They are very creative and can give your website its own unique look. I would recommend Blue Sun Studios to anyone looking to build a website. Their prices are very fair and they complete the work within a reasonable time. The money we spent on our website was well spent and saved us hours of trying to build one on our own.”

—Jill Cranford, owner Stone 2 Furniture


rita-thumb“I met Deb through her business partner and immediately fell in love. A compassionate but clear communicator, Deb took the time to educate me about moving my website to WordPress and then take my vision and turn it into something more beautiful and functional than I could have ever expected.

Deb is truly one of the great web-designers to work with. Intelligent, to the point and professional, she gives you the knowledge and support you need to grow your business. She has as a intuitive sense of what works based on years of psychology married with visual technical design. Deb magically turns amorphous ideas into workable products, and she’s a lot of fun to work with.”

—Rita Hickman, InSpire


carol-thumb“I’m not sure how I found Deb and Wendi of Blue Sun Studios Inc. But I am sure glad I did.  They are a great team and have managed to build a new website for me solely through email and Google docs.  Good eh?

I live in Perth, Western Australia and time zones and distance could have made things difficult but together we made it work.

Deb strikes me as a down to earth, capable, no nonsense type of person who gets the job done. Wendi seems to be the intuitive, creative communicator always ready to lend a hand if needed.  As a team they work really well together.

They have crafted my website without compromise and designed my lovely new ebook “ Who were you before you were born?”

I can thoroughly recommend the way they worked on my site and were always there to answer my queries and stuff ups which are ongoing!

If you are considering revamping your old tired website  or starting from scratch on a new one why not give them a go, they won’t let you down.

Warm regards to you both and all your clients and clients to be”

— Carole Lyden, Psyche Buzz


legendtales-thumb“I am so thrilled to be working with Blue Sun Studio. Deborah and Wendi did a beautiful job designing our new website and the updates are always incredibly fast. They did a spectacular job of listening to my needs and turning it into reality. I love their encouragement to teach me how to maintain my own site and their willingness to maintain it when I can’t. Their super positive attitude makes them a joy to work with. Thank you Deborah and Wendi!”

— Amy Mangefeste, LegendTales Pixie-Bobs


dorit-thumb“I came to Wendi and Deb on December 31, 2011 with a very big vision of helping clients transform their lives and business through Story.

Everything, and I mean, everything, from the start moved seemlessly – from our communication to mock-up designs to final execution. They were available to support me at every step of the way and to provide me with additional guidance and help and make themselves available in every possible way. Since this was my first time investing in a web designer and coach team, I intuitively knew this would be a winning combination, and I would be taken care of and cared of well. From the very beginning, I knew my vision was in good hands. Deb and Wendi read me very well and knew exactly what I was feeling and needing.

Under their coaching guidance, I gained extra clarity that I wouldn’t have’t ordinarily gained had I tried to figure things out on my own, which would have been possible but not necessarily beneficial. These Blue Sun gals do NOT disappoint. They work with such grace, ease, professionalism, service and love what they do. They have such a flair for the work. I was blown away by the extra attention to detail. I am getting emails and messages from people all over and all the time congratulating me on the site, how easy it is to navigate it, and how beautiful it is. Amazing.”

– Dorit Sasson, Giving a Voice to the Voiceless


joy-thumb“Working with Wendi and Deb has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I LOVE the logo, website, and e-book designs they created for my start-up after listening with their whole selves to my heart, passion, and evolving dream. These two talented women are incredibly caring and responsive to their clients, speedy in accomplishing excellent work, and so welcoming and kind in every correspondence. I highly recommend Wendi and Deb of Blue Sun Studios!!!”

– Joy Resor, Joy On Your Shoulders ™



eliza-thumb“Wendi Kelly and her Blue Sun Studio partner Deb Dorchak are my go-to’s for all my web and graphic design needs. They have created two websites for me, business cards, ad blocks and an eBook. Between the two of them they manage to take exactly what I envisioned and make it real. So much so, I just shake my head in wonder and exclaim “How do they do that?”

Both make client satisfaction their top priority, then they consistently deliver quality designs.”

And more recently on the design of her ebook Developing Our Intuitive Self:

“From where you started to where you ended up was pure inspired and *intuitive* genius. You [Deb] and Wendi took a concept from my head, translated it, and then you worked your magic. Normally I burst into tears when you bring my concepts to life. This time I bawled.”

— Eliza Fayle,  Silver & Grace


trish-thumb“Gosh. Where to start? Cross creativity with a ready grasp of what motivates different markets and you have Blue Sun Studios. They “grok” the art and science of motivating action visually and through words. Every time I have come to them with a client need (or a need of my own), they come through with great service and great results at a great price. Blue Sun is my “go to” partner for making marketing magic!”

— Trish Lambert;  4R Marketing/Success in Sweatpants


monika-thumb“Woohoo… I made it! Being able to call myself a published author is something I was hoping to achieve for some time. Birdy’s story has been quietly growing and germinating within me since that fateful event back in 2006 and I promised myself to write down her story, then proceed to publish it. Enter Blue Sun Studio, Inc.

Deb and Wendi, I want to extend a massive, heartfelt thank you to the both of you for taking care of my book and getting it on Amazon and into the Kindle store. Without your help I’d still be searching for ways to simplify the publishing process and get my head around the complex formatting rules imposed by the publishing houses. They do my head in. Needless to say, if I ever self-publish another book you will be my first point of contact. You are extremely professional and I just LOVE how Deb has illustrated Birdy. You guys rock!”

—Monika Mundell; Author | Copywriter www.monikamundell.com


alex-thumb“When I asked Blue Sun Studio to come up with a cover for my novel, I expected to send them a description of my main character and a synopsis of the novel. I didn’t expect to be asked for the whole book. To me, that right away said that Deb and Wendi care about getting it right. And boy, did they ever! They gave me several ideas, but one leapt out at me and said “I’m your cover! I’m your cover!” Not only is it eye-catching, it fits the genre perfectly and does what few book covers ever actually get right—in a single picture is sums up the essence of the book. You can be assured that I’m going to go with Blue Sun Studio for all my graphic needs from now on.”

Alex F. Fayle, Author


betsy-thumb“Having worked with Deborah Dorchak and Wendi Kelly of Blue Sun Studio on a previous project (an e-book was subsequently downloaded thousands of times), I knew exactly who I wanted to help us with an updated graphics package for PassingThru. It’s comforting to trust an outcome because you’ve collaborated in the past. Wendi’s focused questioning and comments helped deliver a keenly personal set of visual elements; Deb’s amazing design gifts translated them into a powerful combination that needed only minor tweaking. The entire process was swift and lots of fun! We highly recommend their services.”

— Betsy and Pete Wuebker,  PassingThru Enterprises


shirley-thumb“When I wanted a new banner for my portfolio website, I immediately thought of Blue Sun Studio. There were a few reasons for that. Deb had created the banner for my writing blog and I was impressed by the prompt and professional service and attention to detail. The second time around, the process was just as smooth. Deb and Wendi were able to take my sketchy brief to create a great banner. I’ll happily recommend them to anyone looking for professional and cost effective graphics creation.”

— Sharon Hurley Hall, http://sharonhh.com



johnh-thumb“Deb and Wendi are an awesome team!

We needed a logo created for our new site redesign but didn’t really have the logo design figured out yet. I explained to them the concept of our site, who it’s for, and the emotional response we wanted our site visitors to feel when they arrived on our page.

Two days later we got back an amazing logo which not only looked beautiful, but also created that emotional sense of what we wanted our visitors to feel.

Thanks Deb and Wendi for a job well done.”

— John Hoff; WP Blog Host