Product Review: Eliza Fayle’s Introduction to Tarot

Back in March, I wrote a post about the power of pictures. It was all about how visualizing the final result of an event or project helped keep you on course with your goals.

That post arose from a project I worked on for Eliza Fayle of Silver and Grace. Eliza recognized the scenario and offered a guest post with a way to jump start creativity through Tarot.

Well, this piqued my interest. I already knew Eliza had some solid theories when it came to working with and teaching tarot. She came to the same conclusions I had—and it took me 20 years into my path as a reader to figure it out.

But here’s the difference. Back when I started in the late 70s, if you wanted to learn how to read tarot, you didn’t have a lot of places to learn from. The books were cheesy, readers and psychics in general had a bad name and all of it was surrounded in a cloak of mystical hocus-pocus that made the mother of an inquisitive 9 year old rather nervous (waves at Mom).

Eliza came into reading much later than I did, and she had better resources from which to learn. Through the 80s and into the 90s many up and coming readers took a more practical approach. Tarot reading became more intuitive, more introspective. Women especially started using tarot as a tool for self-discovery.

Forget about the tall, dark stranger in your future, you want to develop your own direct connection to the Universe and discover a better you!

Tarot reading isn’t difficult. There is no huge secret the Magi have been hiding from the world for centuries. You don’t have to have Gypsy blood, or come from a long line of witches. You can learn how to open up your intuition and use it to inspire and create.

So where do you start? With Eliza’s Introduction to Tarot, that’s where. I took her introductory course to better learn how she taught and what kind of information she was giving to new readers. Eliza takes her students through the tarot in small, manageable steps. Each lesson builds on the one before it. There’s no memorization involved, in fact, Eliza will tell you to throw away the little instruction booklet that comes with your deck of cards.

Through this course you will begin learning how to interpret what you see on the cards by trusting your inner voice. You will learn how to open your mind, let the impressions come and say what pops into your head first. It’s not about over-thinking or getting a meaning wrong or right.

Intuitive reading is all about YOU. Symbols and colors, and images in general, are very powerful triggers for the subconscious. Learning to read intuitively through Eliza’s course is like dreaming with your eyes wide open.

Are you ready for dreams like that? Go visit Eliza today and get started.

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