The Lack Mindset: Can’t See The Lemonade For The Lemons

The media says the economy is getting better. Some of us have yet to see it trickle down our way. We’re all working hard at keeping our businesses in the public eye and enticing  new clients with brilliant offers.

Times like these it’s hard to see when the cash floodgates will open.  It makes you hesitant. You start second guessing yourself.  If I spend money on this, I won’t have it for that.

It’s a very damaging mindset to fall into. Bit by bit you start to think you have to hold on to everything you have for as long as you can because you have no idea how you’re going to replenish anything. It’s scary, no doubt about it.

The mindset of  “it’s not okay to spend money” takes over, and once it gets ingrained into your being, it’s very difficult to break loose.

It’s not easy going from having a big income to next to nothing. What’s even worse is once you start obsessing over that lack, the more you’ll draw that to you. But I can hear you saying “I can’t help obsessing over it. How am I going to pay my bills? How am I going to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads?”

This is where you need to be smart and you need to get past the paralyzing fear that you won’t have anything. I know how hard this is. Even in the midst of amazing abundance I’ve had the same thoughts. It all goes back to a different time when I suffered through several lay-offs in the same year. I never wanted to go through that kind of lack again.

The problem was, I dwelled on that thought so much I ended up bringing it around again. Now every time I have built up a good amount of abundance I get into a mode where I’m thinking it could end at any time.

Not good.

So, how do we battle this lack mindset? Here are a few tips to work with:

  • Hindsight is 20/20: Chances are this happened to you once before and now you’re scared. Maybe it happened when you were a child, a parent lost a job and you remember your folks saying how tight everything was. You couldn’t do what all the other kids were doing because your family couldn’t afford it. When you’re a kid, you pick up on the moods around you and all of it gets magnified. Your family may not have been as bad off as you thought, but it still left a mark. Make peace with that, let it go. Realize what’s done is done and it doesn’t necessarily have to happen again.
  • Choices: One key factor in going from a lack mindset to one of abundance is learning how to keep the flow going. If you hold on tight to every single last dollar, you’re blocking the flow. This isn’t to say go out and spend or give away everything you’ve got willy-nilly. That’s no good either. Words and intentions block the flow as much as action (or lack of) does. Instead of saying “I can’t afford to (fill in blank)” or “I don’t have the money.” or “I’m broke”, say instead “I have the money and I choose to spend it on the cable bill instead of a night at the movies.” Choose your words and actions wisely and make them as positive as you can.
  • Keep the Moths Out Of Your Wallet: There’s nothing sadder than knowing your wallet is empty. I’ve noticed this since I started carrying cash again. I find that each time I look in my wallet and see a few dollars sitting there, I feel a little better. I think, “Oh look, I’m not broke!” The more you say that, the more you’ll believe it and you’ll keep taking action to keep the abundance coming in.

I know it’s not easy to change your mindset. It takes time, patience and constant vigilance over everything you say or do. There will be times when you’ll think it’s total crap and want to give up. Don’t.

Trust me, once the abundance starts to flow in again, all that hard work will be more than worth it.


  1. says

    Excellent! I agree whole-heartedly. I love the idea prompt here to keep a few dollars in my wallet, because I also do the same thing: when I look there and see moola, I find the subconscious thought is “yay!”

    All good things,
    Kimberely @unshakablesoul

  2. Deb Dorchak says

    Hey Kimberely! Thanks for stopping by. That prompt does work, doesn’t it? Just that whole idea of “Oh! Look at that, I have money.” is like doing an affirmation without realizing it.

  3. says

    I carry the million dollar bill around in my wallet that Laurelin made for all of us in the Gold group–with Christine’s face on the front & our group picture on the back. I love it! (Everytime I look at it, I think of our Golds! And if that’s the only bill in my wallet–well, at least I know I’m worth a million bucks!

  4. Deb Dorchak says

    Christine! Welcome!

    Hey, may as well go big, right? Manifesting a million dollars takes as much mental effort as a single dollar.

    So…Laurelin is printing million dollar bills in her basement, eh? Methinks I’m going to have to pay a visit to that woman…;)

  5. says

    Okay, I love this conversation. Because it is one that I have with my friends, my clients, myself. A few things I do to eradicate or squelch the limiting/lacking mindset. The minute I get up and make my cup of tea the pen hits the paper and all the squirrels that whirl around get written out for 3 pages. Close the book, breath a sigh of relief (Artists Way). As per Abraham Hicks I keep a $100 dollar bill in my wallet so when I see something I think to myself – I can afford that. At the end of the day gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. I do write them out and I can normally come up with 10 – 20. To me these are gentle reminders throughout the day that if I let go of the HOW, it always comes.

  6. Deb Dorchak says

    Hi Jenny!

    You know, Bruce Lee had a similar method for getting rid of his “squirrels”. He’d write them out on paper too, and then he’d crumple the paper up and toss it in the trash can. Goodbye negativity!

    I like the way you say “I can afford that”. I think when it comes to money, this has been my toughest battle. It’s so easy to say “I can’t afford this” or “We don’t have the money to do that”. Those phrases seem innocuous on the surface. Until we sit down and really REALLY look at them like we are now, we do see how we’re unintentionally creating our own state of lack.

  7. says

    Yes – Hindsight is 20/20 – I keep remembering that this is the fourth (fifth?) economic downturn that “I” have gone through (and, no, I’m not old enough for the Great Depression). And each time, things have turned around and things have gotten better and we’ve gone on. So, I let it go, there’s still a huge amount of good energy out in the world. And still a lot of money.

    The Law of Attraction has not been repealed. The Secret still works. We can still Think and Grow Rich. Good things still happen and sometimes the things that we think are “bad” are really the best things that could happen (it’s great having just a few clients right now – it gives me time to get to where I need to be!)


    (And, of course, I run… raise the endorphins, get fresh air, get the hooglie-booglies out and let them play with the critters in the woods!)

  8. Deb Dorchak says

    Hooglie-booglies…I like that. Very technical term. :)

    Yup, I agree, sooner or later things turn around. It’s all a matter of holding on to your sanity and staying positive when things get rough.

  9. says

    Deb – Just borrowing from Christine (with H-B’s)… Anyway, the cool thing is that I have to remember that there are critters in my woods that pose a much more real threat than hooglie-booglies!!!


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