We believe in Service. Not just any service. Exemplary service. Our commitment to you is that we will strive for honest communication, realistic and on-time deadlines, and excellent and creative products.

We believe in Process. We will take you through an efficient, explained and systematic process. Our clients are creative, passionate, artistic and busy. They don't need us to add to the kaleidoscope of their lives. We will get it done without additional fanfare so that you can get back to work.

We believe in Vision. Our design studio is only one aspect of the Blue Sun Network. Before we begin one single bit of design, our coaching staff aligns your design work with your company vision, message, and branding. Design is not the only aspect of your business message. It is a carefully blended part of your over-reaching theme.

Are you excited? We are. Contact us today and get started creating your creative destiny.

10 Client Attracting Tips


The other day I said to Wendi, “I got this fun freebie from Fabienne Fredrickson, 151 Ways to Attract Clients.” “You mean clients just don’t fall out of the sky?” “No.” We laughed, because Wendi was being silly. But there’s some truth to that. How many times have we seen new entrepreneurs who expect their […]

Blue Sun Studio Expert Series: Dawn Zichko


Today we had the pleasure of interviewing my dear friend of 20 years, Dawn Zichko. What can I say about Dawn? First, she’s as private as I am when it comes to sharing bits about herself with the world. That’s something that doesn’t come easy to either of us. But she delivered a fantastic interview, […]

Even The Pros Have Bad Days

Even the Pros Have Bad Days

Last week we debuted our new feature Ask Blue. Due to time constraints, we decided to record it. We called into our Instant Teleseminar line, I had Command Central all hooked up, the slides were loaded, sound check was fine and we were ready to go. The start was a little rocky, I forgot a […]