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Products We Love: Scrivener

For several years now I've wanted to try out Scrivener. I've heard so much about it and know so many writers who swear by it. This year I finally did it. What prompted me to do it was starting work on a solo fiction project. Every time I opened up Google Docs, I felt like Wendi should be there. My mind was in collaborate mode. After all, five years is plenty of time to build a strong habit and this was no different. Writing story in a Gdoc meant Wendi had to be there or else my brain wouldn't dive into the zone. I tried a Word.doc, but that wasn't any better. Word felt dull and uninspiring. That sounds silly, doesn't it? Creatives are a strange breed though, we thrive on bright, shiny objects. They excite us and fill the creative well. As much as I wanted to dive in and buy Scrivener off the bat, I didn't want to be impulsive and buy a program I'd end up not using. I had no idea … [Read More...]