We believe in Service. Not just any service. Exemplary service. Our commitment to you is that we will strive for honest communication, realistic and on-time deadlines, and excellent and creative products.

We believe in Process. We will take you through an efficient, explained and systematic process. Our clients are creative, passionate, artistic and busy. They don't need us to add to the kaleidoscope of their lives. We will get it done without additional fanfare so that you can get back to work.

We believe in Vision. Our design studio is only one aspect of the Blue Sun Network. Before we begin one single bit of design, our coaching staff aligns your design work with your company vision, message, and branding. Design is not the only aspect of your business message. It is a carefully blended part of your over-reaching theme.

Are you excited? We are. Contact us today and get started creating your creative destiny.

Products We Love: Scrivener


For several years now I’ve wanted to try out Scrivener. I’ve heard so much about it and know so many writers who swear by it. This year I finally did it. What prompted me to do it was starting work on a solo fiction project. Every time I opened up Google Docs, I felt like […]

When Walking Away is The Right Answer


Every now and then, while working on a project, you’ll reach a point where you’re banging your head against the keyboard. Nothing is working. Creativity has taken a nose dive into the abyss. The client keeps telling you, “That’s not it.” You can’t find the glitch in the code. The colors aren’t right, the story […]

Have You Outgrown Your Website?


In an earlier post we asked if you were ready for your own website. But what if you have a website already and you want to know if you’ve outgrown it? Websites are like hermit crabs. As the hermit crab grows, it has to keep changing out its shell in order to survive. Your website […]

Meet Marsala: Pantone’s Color of the Year


  What comes to mind when you hear “Marsala”? Do you think of chicken? Perhaps if you’re a movie buff like me you may think of Ben Hur…no, wait…that was Messala, close enough but Ben’s adversary was neither a tasty poultry dish, nor was he the hot topic on the catwalks, no matter how spiffy […]

What Would You Do If Facebook Went Poof?


Seriously, what would you do? Wendi and I often toss this around. You have to admit, this is a pretty big “what if”. So many of us are reliant on Facebook to stay in touch with our friends, clients and audience. Up until a few years ago, site communities were grown on the site itself […]

The Day WordPress Broke Thesis 1.8.5


WordPress has come out with a new version. Yay! View all the fun, new changes in “Benny” WordPress 4.0 here. You’ll be happy to know we’ve upgraded all of our sites to it and haven’t run into any issues, so those of you worried about hitting that Upgrade Now button can go right ahead without […]

The $600 Haircut

The $600 Haircut

Would you recognize a $600 haircut if you passed one on the street? Would you pay $600 for a haircut if you could? This was the question asked on ABC’s 20/20 one night in their episode True Confessions (click here to view the episode). Many of us would no doubt express shock at such a […]